On 1st September 2017 the implementation of the project “Digital Security for Young Entrepreneurs” (DiFens), under the coordination of University of Cyprus. As DiFens project partner, Law and Internet Foundation team will lead the implementation of Intellectual Output 2 - DiFens e-Manual.

The project is implemented under the framework of Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, within Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Action: Strategic partnership for youth. Bulgaria is in partnership with 4 other partners from 4 different countries – Cyprus, Slovenia, Poland and Greece.

DiFens aims to develop collaborative online platform, where groups of potential young entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs can find information, advice, mentoring and peer learning that will help them in the challenging task of sustaining and expanding their business ventures.

The Kick-off meeting will take place on 11-12.09.2017 in Larnaca, Cyprus.