The Regulatory Framework and the State of Intellectual Property Protection and Fight against Cybercrimes in Bulgaria

Subtitle: Analysis

Author: Dimitrov, G., Ognyanov, M., Nikolaeva, P.,

Year of publish: 2006
Publisher: Center for Law and Information and Communication Technologies
Size: 121 pages
Format: А5


Internet is progressing with such a rapid pace, that it is possible all challenges that are raised in connection to it, to be resolved with the creation of only one normative act. It is of great importance, when national legislative framework is developed, sufficient neutral technological flexibility to be ensured, so an optimal balance can be accomplished between the interests of copyrights’ holders (in case of intellectual property legislation), society in general (in case of intellectual property legislation and cybercrime legislation), as well as the Internet users.

The Analysis is developed under "Intellectual property rights and cybercrime: overcoming the gap between law and information technologies" Project.

Available only in Bulgarian.