It is now ready the open virtual learning environment, which was developed within the ATSIV project (Advancing the Third Sector through Innovation and Variation). This training game curriculum aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of employees in NGOs, while at the same time expands the influence and recognition of the non-governmental sector as an opportunity for professional development. It consists of three modules: digital marketing, networking and crowdfunding, as in its development were involved both individuals from NGOs and educational institutions, as well as those in the field of business and legislative policies.

In each of the modules of the educational game the player finds himself/herself in a world where various mentors and evaluators help him to acquire new knowledge and skills in different spheres. The open virtual learning environment is extremely relevant and useful for all people who wish to acquire new and more extensive knowledge in these areas, with the use of this training model reducing financial costs and simultaneously stimulating workers in the non-governmental sector.

During the game the player goes through lecture courses, after which he/she has to pass certain tests in relation to each course. To move to the next module, he/she must solve the test with a high enough score, which automatically unlocks the next level of the game. The tests are of varying degrees of difficulty, as the player decides independently the test with what difficulty he wants to solve. With the completion of the educational game the player acquires considerable knowledge in the relevant spheres, sufficient to continue confidently his development.

The educational game is available at , as short English instructions for it can be found here.

The ATSIV project is implemented by 6 partner organizations under the Erasmus + Programme of the European Commission, Key action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Action: Strategic partnerships for adult education.