The training aims to present information about employers' obligations under the new Whistleblower Protection Act and related practical aspects, which transposes EU Directive 2019/1937 (i.e. the Whistleblowers Directive). Within the framework of the training, information is provided on the reasons for the introduction of this new legislation, as well as practical guidelines regarding the scope of the law - which employers it affects, which persons are protected, what reports can be filed under this law, what are the measures for protection provided by law, etc. Among the key aspects covered in the training and of greatest practical importance to employers are the requirements relating to their obligations to establish and maintain an internal whistle-blowing channel and to consider whistle-blowing through it. Last but not least, the training also presents information on the current guidelines and practices of the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data in relation to the application and compliance of this Law.

Trainer: Atty. Desislava Krusteva