The consortium of DATAMITE — “Data Monetization, Interoperability, Trading & Exchange” — is proud to announce the official start of this European initiative, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme. The Kick-off meeting was held between the 25th and 27th January 2023 in Valencia, Spain. Some partners joined online. During the meeting the partners presented their organisations and expertise, organised a number of workshops and discussed the project plan, implementation questions, and schedule.

DATAMITE is a 3-year-project, led by Instituto Tecnologico de Informatica (ITI), and composed of 26 partners from 12 countries, which bring together key experts on Legal and SSH aspects and of the data value chain to guarantee legal and societal compliance, as well as open-source community building and standardisation.

DATAMITE empowers European companies by delivering a modular, open-source and multi-domain Framework to improve Data Monetizing, Interoperability, Trading and Exchange in the form of software modules, training, and business materials.

DATAMITE unleashes the monetisation potential at two levels:

● At internal level, users will have tools to improve the quality and management of their data, the adherence to FAIR principles. They will be able to upskill on technical and business aspects thanks to the multiple open-source training materials the project will generate. Therefore, data will become trustable and more reliable also in other paradigms like AI.

● At external level, users will boost their data sharing capabilities while keeping the control of their data, providing new sources of revenue and interaction with other stakeholders.

DATAMITE will validate the results in 3 different use cases with a total of 6 pilots, demonstrating that the Framework is interoperable and usable in different domains and user needs, as:

1) Intra-corporate, multi-domain data exchange.

2) Data trading/sharing in Data Spaces.

3) Integration with other initiatives as Data Markets, EU AI-on-demand platform, or DIHs.

Sectors covered by the pilots are agriculture, energy, industrial and manufacturing, and climate.

Learn more about DATAMITE project here: www.datamite-horizon.eu