Today (27th of April) we officially started the A4 project. А4 is a 24-month project under the ISFP programme, aimed at improving the effectiveness of police investigations of female victims of sex trafficking.

LIF, CECL, EKKA, KEMEA, and VICESSE will join forces to enhance perpetrators’ accountability for the protection of women/girls victims of sex trafficking through a police-led resilient mechanism in the EU south-eastern border. It will be built on a border crossing alliance (Bulgaria-Greece), constructively interconnected with an interregional safety net (5 Northern Greek Border Regions) and advanced from the acquired knowledge of a Central European country (Austria).

During the meeting each partner presented their respective Work packages, tasks, outputs and objectives. The forthcoming steps were discussed as well as the upcoming deliverables. The overall mood was truly positive and goal oriented.

The project is implemented with the support of the European Union’s Internal Security Fund-Police, under Grant Agreement № 101021832.