On 19.07.2023 in Petrich, "Law and Internet" Foundation had the pleasure of hosting a seminar dedicated to the promotion of the police cooperation framework for the protection of women, victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Topics such as the need to increase responsibility for the protection of women were touched upon, emphasizing basic principles for identifying such victims and basic rules for communicating with them. 14 people were present, employees of the OID of GPU - Zlatarevo, GCP - Zlatarevo, Petrich and Smolyan and RDGP - Petrich and Smolyan.

The second seminar was organized in the city of Blagoevgrad, on 20.07.2023. A total of 11 employees of the Gyushevo border crossing, OD at GPU Gyushevo, Border checks, border checks at GPU Gyushevo, OD at GPU Blagoevgrad, ODG of GPU Blagoevgrad took part.

In Gotse Delchev, on 21.07.2023, the third and last seminar was officially held. A total of 10 employees of the RDGP - Smolyan, Ilinden border crossing, Operative-search activity and Expert activity from the Border Police Department - Gotse Delchev participated in it. The identification of victims of trafficking, women for the purpose of sexual exploitation - Indicators, the principle of non-criminalization, secondary victimization, trafficking with/in channelling, the purpose of trafficking and basic principles in communication with victims of trafficking were discussed.

The lecturer and trainer was Dr. Blagorodna Makeva-Naydenova.

The trainings were held within the framework of the A4 project.