Law and Internet Foundation supported the conference “Personal Data Protection and Privacy. Is your organization ready?”. The event took place on 03.04.2018 and was hosted by Hilton Sofia Hotel.

The conference was held in the form of thematic modules and discussion panels and presented the upcoming changes and current trends, as well as debunked some myths about the application of the regulatory framework on personal data protection and confidentiality. The role of technology in these processes was clarified, together with the outlining of the main directions for organizations to prepare themselves both from a technological and legal point of view.

Atty. Desislava Krusteva, Senior Legal Expert at the Law and Internet Foundation, took part in one of the discussion panels on the new regulatory framework - GDPR Regulation (EU) 2016/679, commenting on issues related to the role of the Data Protection Officer, the right to data portability of data subjects and other topical issues.

Guests of the event were also Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov, Chairperson of Law and Internet Foundation and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Ilieva-Koleva, Executive Director of the organisation.