The programme includes a discussion on “The electronic agenda on Bulgaria 2020” and a conference entitled “Information security: The cross point between state, business and NGOs” (organized with a collaboration with Chief Directory “Combating Organized Crime”, Ministry of Interior). Leading experts on cybercrimes from Bulgaria, USA and Europe are expected to participate in the conference.

Dr. George Dimitrov, Chairman of Law and Internet Foundation, will be a lecturer in the second panel of the conference “Interaction between business, state and NGOs for protection of the Internet users from violations and threats” with an expose on the subject: “Personal Data. The user's consent as a main value”. He will also participate in the discussion “The field of Internet – new business alternatives or a new battlefield?”.

The programme continues with several events “PPP for ICT projects in Bulgaria – the panacea during a crisis”, “The dialogue for e-Government in Bulgaria. The past, the present and the future”, “E-childhood: Research methods and legislative framework for children protection in the on-line environment”, "Modern information technologies – opportunities for small and medium enterprises”.

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