The second private demo of the COPKIT tools took place on 24-26 June 2020. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event took place online but had, nevertheless, a high attendance, including members of our End User and Stakeholder Advisory Board (EUSAB) and Ethical and Societal Impact Advisory Board (ESIAB), as well as the Project Officer and a DG HOME policy officer.

COPKIT is developing data-driven policing technologies to support LEAs in preventing, investigating and mitigating crime and terrorism. Our approach favours technologies that can incorporate domain knowledge in order to be tuned according to the LEA needs and to provide improved performance compared to the available state-of-the-art technologies.

The aim of the event was to illustrate the different features and functionalities of the COPKIT tools developed since the previous demo, to the consortium in general, but to the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and members of the advisory boards in particular, in order to obtain feedback for the further development of the tools. While the first demo in Athens focused mainly on the Firearm trafficking use case, the second demo showed how the COPKIT tools can be used to investigate Crime as a Service as well.

After an introduction providing an overview of the different tools and functionalities, three days were filled with detailed presentations and live demonstrations performed by the technical partners. For some components, LEA representatives could also perform exercise sessions.

Next to AI based tools, components facilitating the uptake and the usage of the tools where presented such as COPKIT’s HMI which supports the analysts’ daily task workflows on both a strategical and case levels.

The attendees were asked to provide their feedback during specific discussion sessions of the meeting and to fill in a number of questionnaires, in order to lay the grounds for the further development of the COPKIT tools.

The tools received positive feedback from our LEA partners, but also from EUROPOL, the DG HOME policy officer and the ESIAB members. Their presence has been valuable to the technical team as they provided their feedback, from an end-user perspective and on legal and ethical issues, respectively.

The next private demo of the project tools will take place in November 2020 provided that COVID-19 does not have any impact on this schedule, followed by a final and public demonstration during the project final conference.

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