The second face-to-face consortium meeting within the DISRUPT project took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on the 5th and 6the of June 2024. The primary aim of the meeting was to evaluate the progress made within the project to date and plan the effective implementation of the upcoming initiatives.

The partners reflected on the successes and areas for improvement in the completed activities to ensure that the project remains on track and goals are being met efficiently. The overall management of the project was reviewed, ensuring the effective handling of any concerns and potential issues. This included strategising on ways to enhance project coordination and communication among partners, thereby improving the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the project management.

A significant portion of the first day was dedicated to planning the forthcoming training sessions on the use of digital evidence in the detection, investigation, and prosecution of child trafficking cases. The partners engaged in a fruitful discussion about the approach and methodology for the trainings, aiming to make them practical and impactful. The discussion further addressed training methods aimed at enhancing cooperation among various actors involved in combating child trafficking. Importantly, the consortium decided on the dates for the first EU capacity building event, which will be held in Brussels in October 2024.

The second day of the meeting proceeded with presenting the plan for Work Packages 4&5, focusing on ensuring the effective execution of the tasks within these work packages. The partners engaged in thorough discussion on the development of the DSIRUPT Graphic Novel, exchanging ideas and insights on the focus and overall concept of the Novel. This brainstorming session generated various innovative ideas that will inform the effective development of the Graphic Novel.

Finally, the first DISRUPT Webinar was scheduled to take place in September 2024. Stay tuned for more information on the event’s dates and content as DIRSUPT launches its outreach activities.