A new GDPR-related training course was organized by Law and Internet Foundation and Expert Events. This time the training course was designed exclusively for Data Protection Officers.

The three-day training course was conducted for the first time during the period from 5th to 7th December in Vitosha Park Hotel. The Law and Internet Foundation’s Senior Experts – atty. Desislava Krusteva and Dr. Martin Zahariev presented the legal aspects of the new General Data Protection Regulation, the role and the tasks of the Data Protection Officer, as well as practical steps to meet the GDPR requirements. Alexander Zarkov an IT Expert at Law and Internet Foundation and System Administrator/ DevOps in a leading technology company, covered the technological aspects of data protection. He explained the difference between the “protection” and “security” of personal data protection and also clarified the meaning of some technological measures set out in GDPR such as “encryption”, “pseudonymization”, “anonymization”.

The experts shared some good and recommended practices which can be extremely useful when fulfilling the DPO obligations under GDPR and the applicable data protection law.

The goal of this training course is to prepare the participants for their future role of Data Protection Officers or just to help them acquire or advance their knowledge in the field of data protection. Once the training is completed the participants shall pass a test. The certificates for completion of the DPO Training Course will be distributed only to a short-list of participants that have successfully passed the exam.

The next DPO Training Course will be conducted in the period from 6-8 February 2019.