On November 18th, 2011 a roundtable on “E-infrastructures: new highways of the European development of Bulgaria” was held in the National Palace of Culture, initiated by and with the participation of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Georgi Parvanov and with the support of Director-General of UNESCO. Organizers of the event are Leadership Academy, University of National and World Economy, and Sofia University “Sv. Kliment Ohridski”.

The forum is organized in order to outline the main trends and to make specific proposals for the accelerated development of the electronic infrastructures in Bulgaria as a comprehensive package of services within the strategy “Europe 2020”.

At an invitation of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Chairman of the Law and Interned Foundation - Dr. George Dimitrov, made a short presentation on “The legislation – a guarantee for the sustainable development of the electronic infrastructures” focusing on how different kinds of electronic infrastructures are granted and whether there are needs for regulation of the legal status and state-regulated incentives and tools for their development through amendments to the existing legislation and adoption of Promotion of The High Technology Act and Public-Private Partnership Act.