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E-UNITE is an ambitious 16-month project set to tackle the existing mistrust and non-tolerance among the different communities that live in Europe. Through the joint effort of two universities, two NGOs, an Institute and a youth center, E-UNITE will develop the foundations of the E-UNITE network – an international youth network, which aims to promote community-led initiatives in the fields of tolerance, inclusivity and diversity. The main output of the project – the E-UNITE Online Hub will allow for the convergence of young minds and exchange of ideas, as well as support for such initiatives; likewise, the Online Hub will be a base for exchange of know-how and good practices of youth workers, which are interested in working on those community-led initiatives or alternatively – youth workers, who wish to develop youth networks of their own.

The project is implemented under the framework of the European Commissions’ Programme Erasmus+, within Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Action: Strategic partnership for youth.