The Electronic documents are the most important and widely used legal instrument for creation, alternation and termination of legally regulated relations between market agents. It has been regulated in Bulgaria since 2001 by the Law on Electronic Documents and Electronic Trust Services. Much later, on an EU level, a Regulation (EC) 910/2014, also known as eIDAS, has strongly validated the enforceability of the electronic document as evidence in legal proceedings. Thus, the usability of electronic documents was boosted and nowadays most of the relations in the private sector and substantial part in the government domain are based on electronic documents.

This training aims at brining knowledge on the basics of electronic documents. The specific topics covered are:

  • Legal regime of electronic documents under eIDAS.
  • Electronic documents holding electronic statement and such holding other digital content.
  • Substantial law particularities of the electronic documents holding electronic statements under the Law on Electronic Documents and Electronic Trust Services.
  • Subjects related to the e-documents – author, titular, addressee, intermediary.
  • Proving time of sending, time of receipts, place of sending and place of receipt.
  • Procedural aspects of electronic documents in civil law procedures.
  • Electronic document as a type of evidence – evidential value, presentation to the court and to the parties.
  • Transformation of electronic document into a paper-based printout – legal value.
  • Exercising procedural rights through electronic documents.


  • Capacity building on the steps to business processes transformation based on electronic documents;
  • Practical skills and knowledge on the legal framework for electronic documents that will help planning digital transformation for competitive advantage;
  • Practical advice on using electronic documents in legally binding relationships;
  • Use-cases for collection and provision of digital evidence in court proceedings;
  • Certification for successfully completed training.

Trainers: Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov and Atty. Gergana Vurbanova