​Core theme of the event

In the ever more digitalized society the importance of information stored on the cloud grows higher and higher. Everyone is now relying on the cloud for storage and information sharing. While this has become part of day-to-day business relations and personal communication, the ease associated with accessibility to cloud services is likewise exploited by cyber-criminals. To contrast such exploitation, law enforcement authorities have different methods to access information on the cloud relevant to their investigations.

Yet accessing information in the cloud is complex since it passes through various investigative and judicial steps: national legislation, existing Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties, the CoE Budapest Convention, the European Investigation Order, EU Directives dealing with cross-border cooperation in criminal matters, norms on e-communications, personal data protection legislation and e-privacy rules, as well as the European Convention for Human Rights and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Join this top-level panel of multi-disciplinary experts for a condensed view of EU member states' approach to this complexity, through a dynamic panel discussion. You will hear about the intersection between the right to privacy and the right to a fair trial, about the difficult striking of balance between fundamental rights and their limitation in criminal matters, and about the rules and means by which law enforcement can access data in the cloud through mobile devices.

Distinguished experts will share their experiences from various countries and backgrounds

Two moderators, lawyer Pieter Gryffroy from the law firm Timelex (Belgium – member of PrivacyRules) and the Project partner Denitsa Kozhuharova from the Law and Internet Foundation (Bulgaria), will be moderating the expert discussion based on the FORMOBILE findings in the area of mobile evidence extraction and sharing. The debate will touch upon the different approaches of jurisdictions across the EU when it comes to accessing data from the cloud in pending criminal investigations. Panellists represent the digital forensic industry, investigative authorities and supranational institutions:

Who should attend?

Judges, prosecutors, lawyers, law enforcement, privacy practitioners, DPAs, digital forensic experts, cybersecurity experts, policy makers, EU and governmental representatives, mobile company executives, telecom operators, internet and cloud computing service providers, legislators, BAR association representatives, human rights activists, law and technology researchers and students.

More details on the event

The Formobile Project official website: https://formobile-project.eu/

Price: Free event

Location: Zoom live webinar

Date: 19 May 2021

Time: 3.00 – 4:30 pm Brussels Time

Additional information: https://www.privacyrules.com/privacy-global-expert...

Registration: https://bit.ly/FORMOBILE

For additional info: info@privacyrules.com

PrivacyRules website: www.privacyrules.com