On 14th December 2020, the Final Meeting of the TRAIN Project (Trace Integration policies through Structured Dialogue) took place. Following all protective measures in regard to Covid-19, the meeting was held online with the partners presenting their final activities under the project, as well as evaluating the results in regard to encouraging Structured Dialogue between young people and policy makers. The results will be collected in a following White Paper which will be shared with the relevant institutions on a European, national and local level.

In the scope of 24 months, the TRAIN project aimed at encouraging the Structured Dialogue among young people- both young migrants and young Europeans- and the political decision-makers through joint involvement of the parties. Through the Structured Dialogue, the project consortium gave a voice to young people, creating a bridge between their recommendations and policy-makers. The project stimulated the debate and a reflection on the causes of current migratory phenomena, studying a strategy for the social integration of young people, and developing ad hoc tools.

The project contributed to the definition of youth policies in the process of integration of migrants, towards an inclusive society, promoting tolerance and respect of human rights; to the promotion of dialogue, mutual learning and cooperation between policy makers and young people with different cultures and backgrounds, encouraging a cross-cutting approach and comparing models in different realities, contributing to the development of new EU policies on legal migration and integration; to the promotion of a participatory approach for young migrants and Europeans, enhancing their contribution to the creation of a better society, etc.

The project was implemented under the framework of the European Commissions’ Programme Erasmus+, within Key Action 3: Support for Policy Reform.