In July - August 2016, Law and Internet Foundation has successfully organized and conducted its first internship programme „Managing the business processes in the non-governmental sector” under the expert guidance of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Ilieva-Koleva, the Foundation’s Executive Director. Our first interns were Raya Genova and Plamena Petrova, excellent students in their second year in the VUZF and CITY College (International Faculty of University of Sheffield) business studies joint programme.

During the programme, our interns were engaged primarily in research activities, which enabled them to acquire new skills, such as: work processes organisation, team work, business communication. They also managed to accumulate practical experience in terms of the essence of working in the non-governmental sector.

Our interns have highlighted the following key points as the most valuable insights from their internship: the importance of a positive work environment, the every-day dynamics, Law and Internet Foundation’s team being so tightly-knit and the inspiration of the daily idea generation process.

Raya Genova:

I find the internship at Law and Internet foundation extremely useful, enriching and inspiring. Most of my impressions are positive ones:

  • The internship helped meto build a more realistic vision of how business structures work in practice. Most of the time, knowledge acquired at the university, is not enough, therefore, it becomes ineffective.
  • I significantly improved my time managementin terms of professional and personal tasks. Thanks to the internship, I distribute my work more efficiently, and this contributes to its quality.
  • I find the opportunity to get introduced to the work of the foundation much inspiring, interesting and challenging. The dynamic business environmentcarries both positive and negative aspects. The internship showed me how despite the dynamic, with efforts high scores and results could be achieved.
  • I understood that a quality team is crucial tosuccess in business. This will help me for making decisions and how to form a business environment effectively in the future.
  • The environment in the office surpassed my expectations. It differs from the standard working space and thus contributes to the pleasant atmosphere and the desire to work.
I want to thank especially Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Ilieva-Koleva for the opportunity to acquire knowledge in the Law and Internet Foundation. Thanks to that, I received invaluable advice and guidances.Her willingness to work inspired me to new ventures and goals. Thank you!!!

Plamena Petrova:

I am thankful that I was part of the Law and Internet Foundation, because I want more experience in the business environment and I more professional contacts. I stayed in the Foundation approximately 3 weeks and I learned a lot of things. I was impressed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Ilieva-Koleva and her team.

I understood a number of things such as:

  • How to make appropriate research;
  • How to allocate office resources;
  • I saw the enormous archive which was impressive.

The thing which most impressed me was the law firm where I saw professional lawyers who work in very modern and qualified environment.

The experience which I gained would be very useful for my future development and I will utilize it in my business life. I am glad of that I was part of the Law and Internet Foundation.