The Fourth DATAMITE Plenary Meeting took place last week, between 15th and 16th May 2024. The event was hosted by PSNC Future Labs, in Poznan, Poland, where partners met for a thorough discussion on the progress being made thus far, as well as to consider further steps to be taken. The two-day Plenary was preceded by a one-day Hackathon.

Day 1 commenced with an overview of the project management and coordination aspects, as well as a with a thorough overview of the Architecture. The Meeting then proceeded with a discussion about the KPI Library, the Data Governance, the Backend and Metadata Repository, and the Frontend Components. Following the Outreach, Exploitation, and Collaboration Strategy, as well as the Data Support Tools and Security Model, Day 1 then concluded with a brief Business Requirements Validation workshop, and parallel Technical and Pilots sessions. After an in-depth oversight of the Data Sharing Module, followed by a PSNC guided tour, Day 2 was also dedicated to WP4 Beyond Sharing: A Business & Quality Approach to Foster the European Data Economy, and the presentations related thereto concerning the status of the constituent tasks. Being the leader of Task 4.5, the Law and Internet Foundation, represented by the Legal Expert, Polina Petrova, led a presentation on Legal & Ethical Aspects for Data Sharing & Trading.

The forum has also served as a place to officially announce the Fifth DATAMITE Plenary Meeting, which is going to take place at the premises of The Institute for Industrial Management (FIR), in Aachem, Germany, in November 2024.