Between the 13th and 15th of November 2023, the first UP2030’s General Assembly meeting was held in the vibrant city of Lisbon. Maria Lachova, represented Law and Internet Foundation during the meeting in her capacity of legal expert.

The General Assembly provided a great opportunity for collaboration, innovation, and creation of a common framework for the upcoming months of the project's lifecycle.

During the sessions, ideas and strategies were exchanged regarding future endeavours of the project. Bringing together representatives from cities, research institutions and solution providers, part of the project consortium, provided a platform for in-depth discussions, strategic planning and collaborative initiatives that will take place within UP2030. The discussion continued with a focus around the concept of Strategic Learning and its pivotal role in empowering the Community of Practice (CoP). Emphasizing the importance of disseminating knowledge and insights, participants highlighted the various channels through which this dissemination occurs, such as publications and a structured Learning Programme. The focus of the discourse was on how Strategic Learning contributes to enhancing the CoP's understanding of Climate Neutrality and Urban Resilience approaches, particularly those developed within the UP2030 project.

Indeed, the General Assembly played a crucial role in supporting the development of roadmaps, facilitating the exchange of ideas, and strengthening the foundation for future endeavors and provided a strong opportunity for stakeholders to come together, share insights, and collectively work towards common goals.

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