Mr. Nihrizov has extensive experience in developing legal analysis of the legislation in various economic sectors, as well as in the preparation of reports, analyzes and opinions on the implementation of the EU legal framework related to information and communication technologies. Mr. Nihrizov has been involved in the drafting of the new Bulgarian Electronic Communications Act and the secondary legislation in the area. He has been a speaker on topics related to Information Technologies, Telecommunications Law, Competition Law, Privacy and Data Retention on various occasions and has authored related articles.

Mr. Hristo Nihrizov has been advising in the areas of Telecommunications Law, Media Law, Banking and Financial Law, Competition Law, Administrative Litigation for more than 10 years. His broad experience includes working on a number of national and international telecom projects with regard to the rolling out of all types of telecom networks, on-line services and platforms, as well as on several ground breaking banking and financing projects. He’s deep industry knowledge has made him a key participant in the process of elaboration of the current electronic communication regulatory framework of Bulgaria.