The activities of the Human Rights Department include:

  • Research on ICT influence on fundamental human rights – their protection and the new forms of human rights violation which result from digital transformation. In this relation, the experts within this department also research the possibilities on ICTs application to enhance the fundamental human rights effective protection. A focus of the work implemented in the Human Rights Department is the fight against online hate speech and the related implications of the freedom of expression. To this end, the Foundation currently implements the project MIICT.
  • Criminal law, radicalisation prevention and protection. The efforts of the Foundation are aimed at implementing such projects that contribute to a peaceful society, social welfare, better understanding of human rights in the context of a criminal procedure, and mutual respect. In this framework, LIF team has successfully implemented StopR and PRESENT, and is currently working on the project FAIR aimed at enhancing the rights of the actors involved in the criminal procedure.
  • Child Rights. The assurance of effective protection for children rights is amongst the most delicate missions of Law and Internet Foundation. Ensuring secure internet environment where children grow up benefiting from the advantages is a main priority of the organisation. To this end, the Foundations projects in this domain are aimed at supporting children and parents towards the proper child behaviour online. Furthermore, the Foundation’s has currently started the implementation of the E-PROTECT II project, a sequence to the E-PROTECT project aimed at enhancing the rights of child victims of crimes.
  • Fostering tolerance and mutual respect. Ensuring Gender Equality. Fundamental rights’ mainstreaming is one of the key principles in the Foundation’s work ethics. Therefore, the Human Rights Department monitors gender equality principle implementation in each and any of the Foundations initiatives both on national and transnational level, ensuring gender balance and non-discrimination in the project teams.