The INNOCENT Project team is pleased to share a podcast episode featuring Jason Jordaan, an internationally recognized digital forensics specialist from South Africa. This podcast concludes our series of expert talks as part of the INNOCENT project funded by the European Union.

In this episode, we delve into the evolution of digital forensics from its beginnings in the '90s to its current role in tackling cybercrimes. Jason's transition from law enforcement to the private sector and academia sheds light on the field's advancements and the importance of aligning with global standards. Through discussions on South Africa's legal frameworks and linguistic diversity, we examine how they influence digital evidence handling and cybercrime investigations. The podcast concludes with a discussion on the challenges organizations face in navigating political influences when employing digital analysts, and the importance of collaboration between legal and digital forensic communities for a more effective pursuit of justice.

This series was coordinated by the CEELI Institute, a non-profit organization based in Prague dedicated to building law-based societies and institutions in Europe and beyond.

Listen to INNOCENT podcast here