Law and Internet Foundation is partner in a consortium of 19 partners from 14 EU states in a bid to the EC within the Socio-economic sciences and Humanities call under the Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7).

Centre for Law, Information and Converging Technologies (CLICT) of the University of Central Lanchashire is the co-ordinator of the project CONSENT estimated at over 3 million Euros. The project is initiated by CLICT within the LexConverge research network, where Professor Joe Cannataci is Principal Investigator and overall Project co-ordinator.

Out of several hundred applications, of which 204 were considered eligible and only 25 succeed in being granted funding, CONSENT is one of the largest and scored 14.5 out of a maximum possible rating of 15 at peer-review stage.

CONSENT seeks to examine how consumer behavior and commercial practices are changing the role of consent in the processing of personal data. While consumer consent is a fundamental value on which the European market economy is based, the way consumer consent is obtained is questionable in popular user-generative/user-generated (UGC) online services (including sites like MySpace, YouTube and Facebook), whose commercial success depends to a large extent on the disclosure by their users of substantial amounts of personal data. CONSENT will advance the knowledge base that underpins the formulation and implementation of policies and corporate procedures in the area of privacy and consumer protection with a view to informing policy-making in the European Union and to contribute to the development of European research communities in these areas.

For additional information about the project please press here or see the project website.