The last few months have seen a few significant events for the LEAGUE project. The summer season of activities began in June with the active participation of representatives of the LEAGUE team at the annual “Victim Support Europe” conference in Berlin, Germany. Victim Support Europe works with and provides support to organisations working in the field of victim services, both within the European Union and globally. In addition, VSE works as an advocacy organisation, focusing on influencing policy decisions by raising awareness of the needs and rights of crime victims among policy makers and the public.

During the workshop segment entitled “In-Depth Case Examples of Violations of Fundamental Freedoms”, the LEAGUE project team took the lead in conducting a workshop on the crucial issue of “Boys’ Right to Freedom from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Online”. This was a remarkable opportunity for our team to not only share the overarching aims and aspirations of the project, but also to showcase the tangible outcomes that have resulted from our dedicated efforts.

This workshop allowed us to engage with a diverse and broad audience with different backgrounds and perspectives. It served as a platform to present the project’s vision, goals, and the significant progress we’ve made so far. Using the educational materials and resources developed by the project, we were able to illustrate the far-reaching impact and visibility that the LEAGUE project has already achieved.

At the end of September, Vienna played host to the eagerly anticipated second edition of the LEAGUE International Training event. The event brought together a dynamic and diverse cohort of 24 participants, representing an impressive total of 13 countries.

Source: Fourth LEAGUE Press release