The month of November, when we celebrate World Children's Day (20.11), provided many opportunities for the Law and Internet Foundation’s experts to learn, discuss and transfer knowledge on child protection issues. The LEAGUE project, aimed at preventing online violence and sexual exploitation of children and coordinated by LIF, was presented in several different forums involving children, parents and professionals in the educational and social spheres. The last public event of the month, organised by the National Network for Children, of which the Law and Internet Foundation is a member, was the second edition of "Lex Talks" - a multidisciplinary discussion forum aimed at bringing together the views of experts, businesses and citizens on pressing legal issues. The focus of this year's edition were the so-called "children in conflict with the law" - children for whom family and society, the social and educational systems have proved insufficient and/or hostile, unable to function both preventively and restoratively in relation to potential criminal behaviour. We are grateful for the invitation and for the opportunity to hear the personal stories of some of the participants, which motivate us to continue our work in such a way that neither the law, nor national institutions are in conflict with children.