The Master’s Program “Business Transformation: Cybersecurity and Personal Data Protection” is officially launched as cooperation between the University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship and Law and Internet Foundation.

The Master’s Program covers the necessary knowledge and practical training to transform the business processes in an organization to achieve a cybersecurity environment and personal data protection.

The curriculum is designed to build knowledge, practical skills, and competences for business process digitization, ensuring cybersecurity in all aspects – technological, organisational, legal, and financial.

An essential part of the Master's Program is devoted to protection of personal data and other information in the organisation (know-how, trade secrets, etc.). As a result, the masters will acquire deep knowledge about the importance, legal regime, data usage capabilities as a new resource for business management (through phenomena such as profiling, big data, Internet of Things).

The program will also focus on presenting strategies for digital optimisation of business processes, reducing costs and enhancing competitiveness.

The lecturers are practitioners with many years of experience in managing and transforming business processes, cybersecurity, and personal data protection in partnership with recognised academics from the University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship.

The aim of the program is to empower the entrepreneurs of the future – those who have the necessary knowledge and skills to transform traditional business processes into a digital environment. This is particularly necessary when digitalisation is no more a luxury, but a necessary condition for survival and further growth of any business.

More information about the Master's Program, its curriculum, and application can be found here.