On 19 November, 2010 at 10:00 am in the Information Center of EU, 9 Moskovska Str., will be held a meeting between experts from DG "Information society and medias", European Commission, with representatives of civil, student and commerce organizations. The main goal of the event is the exchange of information about the meaning of new measures, which are proposed by the Commission in September 2010. These measures include the development and the dissemination of high-speed and hyper high-speed broadband access in Europe and they are part of the implementation of one of the main activities, which are set out in the European programme in the sphere of digital technologies. The meeting is a continuation of the presentation of European programme in the area of digital technologies for the period till 2020 (held on 5 July 2010) by the delegation of EC in Bulgaria.

For additional information about the measures, proposed by EC in the area of high-speed access please following these web addresses: