The final conference of the NESTOR project, under the theme "The Importance of Lifelong Learning Programs in the Correctional System," took place at the Center for Security Studies - KEMEA in Athens on February 20, 2024. Stakeholders discussed the crucial role of lifelong learning programs in correctional systems, fostering extensive constructive discussions and sharing experiences on the topic.

Representatives from Greece, Austria, Cyprus, and Bulgaria participated in the event. Reports were presented on legal and policy frameworks related to the role of parents in correctional facilities, challenges arising from the multicultural integration of individuals from different ethnic backgrounds in these facilities, the impact of incarceration on families and the well-being of children of convicts, among other topics.

Mina Kyurkchieva, the project coordinator for Bulgaria on behalf of the Foundation "Law and Internet," along with inspectors Veselina Zaharieva and Ana Kostova, who work directly with incarcerated individuals in the country, expressed their views, presenting the Bulgarian perspective on the matter and sharing best practices from correctional facilities in Bulgaria.

The final conference of the project provided a platform for knowledge exchange and sharing of best practices, aiming for a more effective and inclusive correctional system. The lessons learned from the implementation of the NESTOR project will serve as a valuable source of information for future initiatives, laying the groundwork for further research and the development of new tools to ensure the smooth and successful rehabilitation and integration into society of those affected.