"St. Cyril and St. Methodious" Veliko Turnovo University elaborated new Master Programme "Information Technologies in the Judicial and Executive Power".

Personal Qualification: Master of Information Technologies in the Judicial and Executive Power

Acceptance: Study by correspondence, paid education

Duration: 5 terms

The Master Programme "Information Technologies in the Judicial and Executive Power" give knowledge to students on issues related to the use of information technologies and data protection in the judicial and executive power.

The fundamental EU principles for the judicial and executive power work processes: lawfulness, transparency, efficiency and efficacy, accountability, and coherence, are grounded on the prin of the Bulgarian legislation and politics. For the purposes of achieving increased efficiency in the work of the administration, numerous measures are undertaken related to the implementation of information systems and technologies - e-government, e-justice, e-services, introduction of quality control systems, application of the better regulation principle, development of the electronic governance, etc. The increased use of ICT demands not only professional experts in the field, but also education of qualified users.

The master pogramme aims at raising the qualification of individuals that have graduated in other professional programmes. The programme provides knowledge, skills, and abilities for development and application of national administrative politics for e-government, e-justice, e-services, and e-administration in the environment of democratic transition and market economy.

The programme is realized in cooperation with:

• State Commission on Information Security
• "St. Kliment Ohridski" Sofia University
• Veliko Turnovo’s Court of Appeals
• District Veliko Turnovo
• Municipality Veliko Turnovo
• Law and Internet Foundation

Dr. George Dimitrov will be the lecturer of the courses "Implementation of the e-signature and electronic document flow in the judicial system" and "Legal Regime of the Distinct Internet resources."

For further information: official brochure of the programme