A Law and Internet Foundation representative attended the RAN Youth, Families and Communities meeting on the Role of Youth Work in prevention of Radicalisation and Extremism in Vienna, Austria, on the 6th and 7th of December.

The Radicalisation Awareness Network, as part of its working group for Youth, Families and Communities, invited members of the StopR project to present its goals and activities. Raya Tsvetkova, as a part of the project team, shared the progress of the project, in a discussion on the topic of “Training and methodology” in youth work. The discussions in the meeting showed the strong need for sharing of good practices in the field of youth work against radicalization, as well as the benefits of exchange of experience of tested methodologies.

The project “Stop Youth Radicalization” (StopR) will support youth organisations in 5 countries (Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland and Czech Republic) and across Europe in recovering and fostering the intercultural dialogue across diverse youth communities. The project aims to enhance the abilities of youth workers to stop and prevent radicalization among young people in the EU in a timely and effective fashion through sharing and certifying methodologies of preventing and battling radicalisation.

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