On the third of November in Brussels, Belgium, a Policy Workshop was officially held as part of the project funded by the Erasmus+ program

"NESTOR: National Network of Schools for Parents in Prison, Enhancing Responsive Father Parenting".

The event aimed to promote the developed methodology of the adult education project, focusing on reintegration issues, while disseminating the results of the project, ensuring its long-term impact at the EU level.

During the workshop, all partners discussed the progress in their countries and gathered information on good practices from practitioners.

The NESTOR project is expected to result in co-developed policy recommendations on ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities. The results from the project will be disseminated in order to enhance the awareness on community building mechanisms, to improve the knowledge on the developed adult education methodology and to share transferable results on the developed National Network, promoting the idea of Learning Communities.