On July 20, 2022, a training on "The risks in virtual space to which children are exposed" was held as part of the implementation of the LEAGUE project. The aim was to discuss the possibilities of reactions and the ways to deal with them on the occasion of the increasing cases of violence against children in the online space. Experts from "Law and Internet" Foundation explained to the participants of "Children's Camp 2022" organized by "Studentski" CO-district, what dangers lie in wait for them while surfing the Internet or playing games. The types of social media wrongdoing were discussed in detail, some of which are: identity theft, phishing, sexual crimes and violence, cyberbullying, virtual abuse, online financial fraud and hacking. At the end of the event, it was added that an internet platform and a chatbot will be developed during the implementation of the project, which could be useful in difficult and inappropriate situations for children to effectively fight such crimes.