Acronym: Sardegnagol
Period: 01 March 2022 - 30 June 2023
Status: Current


The Sardegnagol project aims to raise further awareness about youth policies through information and social research in the partner countries (Bulgaria, Italy and Lithuania) and beyond.

The project covers three main youth priorities:

  • Strengthening the employability of young people;
  • Reinforcing links between policy, research and practice;
  • Increasing quality, innovation and recognition of youth work.

The topics addressed by the project are digital skills and competences; media literacy and tackling disinformation; an awareness about the European Union.

The project foresees the following activities:

  1. development of a social research on the condition of youth in the respective countries;
  2. to contrast the disinformation towards young people. Each partner will organise local meetings with young people, youth workers and experts (local journalist association, journalists, local and national MP, etc.) to debate about this topic;
  3. to promote information and debates about the functioning of the European institutions, the Conference of the future of Europe and on the main European programs for young people (Erasmus for young entrepreneurs, EEC, Erasmus +) among young people and local stakeholders (schools, PM, local representatives, trade unions, etc.);
  4. writing of articles about local youth condition, interviews with representatives of institutions on youth policies and critical analysis on local and national youth policy framework. Articles will be published onto the “Sardegnagol” news magazine in the Erasmus+ section.

All of the activities aim to improve the capacities of the participants (young people from the local community, partner organisations and youth workers) in the field of journalism, critical thinking, media literacy, youth engagement and social research.

The project is implemented with the support of the Erasmus+ programme (Key Action 2: Small-scale partnerships in youth) of the European Commission.