On 4 of July, 2018 in Sofia, the data protection experts of Law and Internet Foundation (LIF) – atty. Desislava Krusteva and Dr. Martin Zahariev were guest lecturers at the seminar on the topic :“The practical implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation and the latest changes in the national legislation in relation to GDPR”, organized by Expert Events, in cooperation with LIF.

After the application of GDPR as of 25 of May, 2018, a new wave of practical trainings has been launched to support the business and consultants in the course of the implementation of the GDPR requirements. In this respect, the training was focused on the current legal framework for data protection and the practical and specific compliance measures.

During the seminar the lecturers discussed the main changes introduced in the draft law for amendment of the national Law on personal data protection, the need of data mapping (inventory of all processes) and GAP analysis, as well as specific data protection activities such as video surveillance, profiling, and data processing and protection in the employment and contract relationships. The seminar ended with a specific case study on keeping records under art. 30 of GDPR.

Many legal practitioners and business representatives engaged in the GDPR implementation, were interested in joining the seminar.