In the evening of 2nd December, Legal World Magazine bestowed for a second time the award "Jurist of the Year" on an elegant ceremony in the metropolitan Kempinski Hotel Zografski. The Laureates were distinguished after sociological investigation of 1800 jurists in the whole country, as well as after consulting judicial journalists from the national media.

In first category – judge of regional court, court of appeal, or Supreme Court – for second consecutive time is Rumen Nenkov and Konstantin Penchev – chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court. Repetition was present in the jurists’ survey for prosecutor of the year, where the first place was taken by the number one accuser, Boris Velchev. The expected favorite of the lawyers was again the chairman of the Supreme Bar Council, Daniela Dokovska.

The judicial reporters pointed different from the last year’s nominations. The great surprise of the night was the winner of the category "Lawyer of the Year"– Alexander Kashumov from Access to Information Programme. The vote of the journalists awarded the prize "Judge of the Year" to the magistrate Aleksey Trifonov from Municipal Court of Sofia. Among the accusers, the vice Sofia municipal’s prosecutor was honored with the trust of the media – Bojidar Djambazov, and among the investigators the head of the National Investigation Service – Boyko Naydenov.

For the first time

The special prize for "Development and Organizational Consolidation of the Newest Structure in the Administrative Justice System" was awarded by Law and Internet Foundation. The award was received by the vice chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court – Stefka Stoeva.