Blend-IN project has successfully been completed, reaching the goal to provide an educational platform for youth workers to develop their skills necessary for effective management of communities with different cultural backgrounds. During the 18-month of working, the partners of the Blend-IN project have created the Blend-IN Simulation Game, which is based on different case scenarios that were developed to correspond to different real life situations that many youth workers come across in their countries. Each case leads at the end to a recommendation within the Blend-IN Handbook, which is the companion output of the project to additionally provide assistance to youth workers in their endeavors. Finally, the third output of the project is the Blend-IN Forum - platform that is open to young people who want to engage with other youth workers, exchange ideas and best practices and learn about other cultures. Thus, the purpose of the Blend-IN project is to provide youth workers with the unique opportunity to obtain knowledge and practical experience related to inter-cultural communication and management in a different, dynamic format is achieved.

You can find all of the Blend-IN project results at the following page: