A successful project is not one that has won funding, but one that has successfully completed. Today, 29 September 2022, Law and Internet Foundation has added another successful project to its portfolio and statistics. The final iCare Hybrid Conference was held in Brussels, where the results of the project were presented to 100 delegates from all over Europe.

The main achievements of the project in the field of legal research were presented at the event, namely the methodology aimed at promoting mediation as an alternative way to resolve disputes between parents, as well as the recommendations addressed to institutions and organisations aiming to improve the situation of children in cases of international abduction. As a project aware of the necessity of modern technology, iCare successfully combines law and technology, creating a valuable source of information presented in an easy and interactive way for both children and parents. The iCare chatbot is designed to do just that, contributing to the protection of the rights of children and parents.

Law and Internet Foundation was represented by Prof. Daniela Ilieva, who presented the main aspects of the project, its goals and achievements. We would like to thank all our partners in the project, as well as everyone who contributed to the implementation of its activities. We are sure that in the past two years we managed to achieve something good, which we will continue to build on in order to reach more and more people who will find the benefit in our work.

The project is supported by the Justice Programme of the European Commission under contract No. 101007436.