The final event under the project ProLegis will be held on the 21st of March 2019. “The work of municipalities between civil society and public administration in terms of data protection” event will take place in Vienna, Austria, hosted by the Austrian Computer Society.

The event will welcome guests from the partner countries and beyond. Among the speakers are:

  • Heidi Scheichenbauer, Research Institute
  • Walter Hötzendorfer, Research Institute
  • Athanasios Kosmopoulos, DPO, Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecoms & Media, Greece
  • Radim Polcak, Masaryk University
  • Damian Klimas, Privacy Lawyer
  • Istvan Borocz, STARS Project
  • Nadya Koycheva, DPO, DPO PRO
  • Max Schrems, NOYB

The event will serve as a platform where not only topics related to the public sector challenges in relation to data protection regime will be discussed, but also those related to the expected novelties in the filed – namely codes of conduct & mechanisms for certification. On behalf of ProLegis Christof Tschohl and Denitsa Kozhuharova will be active involved in the event, presenting what is to be expected in the context of certification and which are the basics that should be covered whenever a public body processes personal data.

More information on the event is available here.

The project is implemented with the support of the Rights, Equality, Citizenship Programme of the European Commission under Grant Agreement № 769143