On 2nd November, businessand public sector representatives, legal practitioners, data protection experts attended the INFORM Day, held under the INFORM project in Leiden, the Netherlands.

The INFORM Days are aimed not only at the judiciary, the legal practitioners, and court staff, but also at the general public. The objective of these events is not only to communicate the project on a larger scale, but also to bring awareness to citizens about what their new rights introduced by the European reform in the field of personal data protection are.

The INFORM project concept is to reach the judiciary, legal practitioners and court staff utilising train-the-trainer approach. INFORM engage trainers, empowering them with tailor-made materials and customised training methodology. The project team is also developing an e-Learning programme to directly involve target groups. In addition, the partners are dedicating efforts to raise the overall awareness about the on-going data protection reform and strengthen data subjects’ rights.

The project is implemented with the support of the Justice Programme of the European Commission under Grant Agreement № 763866.