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12.03.2021 / #Projects

The iCare Consortium has launched the website of the project

This week the Consortium has launched the iCare website on which you can find more about its objectives, the partnership, the upcoming results, and...

16.02.2021 / #Projects

The third transnational meeting on the DEEP project was held online

The implementation of the DEEP project (Digital Entrepreneurship for Employability Paths) runs smoothly. Despite the imposed restrictions, the Consort...

15.02.2021 / #Projects

i4Q project is now on social media!

25.01.2021 / #Projects

The EMPLOY Consortium conducted an online staff training

On the 21st and 22nd of January the EMPLOY Consortium conducted an online staff training.

19.01.2021 / #Projects

NESTOR project was kicked-off

On the 18th of January we officially started the NESTOR project.

13.01.2021 / #Projects

The Joint Migration Policy White Paper is now available

The MIICT project, in collaboration with the projects REBUILD, NADINE, MICADO, EASYRIGHTS and WELCOME, all funded under the European Union’s Horizon...

23.12.2020 / #Projects

Final Meeting of the TRAIN Project

On 14th December 2020, the Final Meeting of the TRAIN Project (Trace Integration policies through Structured Dialogue) took place. Following all prote...

19.11.2020 / #Projects

The Final Conference of the FAIR project was held on the 17th and the 18th of November

The Final Conference of the FAIR project named "Digitalisation and procedural rights" was held on the 17th and the 18th of November as an online event...

10.11.2020 / #Projects

The iCare project has officially launched

Law and Internet Foundation is the coordinator of the iCare project. Today (10.11) a virtual working meeting with all partners was held.

10.11.2020 / #Projects

The FAIR Project Final Conference will be held online on the 17th and the 18th of November

On behalf of the FAIR Project Consortium, Law and Internet Foundation has the pleasure to invite you to participate in the FAIR Final Conference which...

06.11.2020 / #Projects

The DEEP project was introduced to the team of the Bulgarian MEP Eva Maydell

An online meeting was held on November 5, during which the Law and Internet Foundation introduced the project "Digital Entrepreneurship for Employabil...

03.11.2020 / #Projects

The European Commission launches the new Pact on Migration an Asylum

The 2015-2016 refugee crisis certainly posed multifaceted challenges for a largely unprepared European Union. This has consequently resulted in overbu...

16.10.2020 / #Projects

Call for external evaluator within the project iCare

Under the framework of the iCare project, implemented with the support of the Justice Programme of the European Commission, Law and Internet Foundatio...

14.10.2020 / #Projects

FORMOBILE - Call for Trainers

FORMOBILE project is looking for volunteers interested in being trainers to deliver the novel pilot courses developed under work package 7 of the proj...

09.10.2020 / #Projects

The Baseline Report is now available on the website of the DEEP project

The main objective of the DEEP (Digital Entrepreneurship for Employability Paths) project is to increase the chances for professional success of the s...

16.09.2020 / #Projects

The EMPLOY Project was presented to Law and Internet Foundation

The EMPLOY project, its aim, expected impact and results were presented to the team of Law and Internet Foundation. Indeed, the meeting’s goal was t...

02.09.2020 / #Projects

The innovative approach of the DEEP Project was introduced in the “Preschool & School Education” magazine

Assoc. Prof Dr. Daniela Ilieva and Dimislava Georgieva (co-author), who are part of the team that works on the DEEP project, have published the articl...

01.09.2020 / #Projects


The COPKIT project is organising a series of free webinars for Law Enforcement Agencies and relevant stakeholders, although anyone is welcome to join.

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