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29.04.2020 / #Projects

DEEP Project is looking for followers

The aim of DEEP Project is to increase the chances for professional success of the students in the field of vocational education and training by devel...

23.04.2020 / #Projects

COPKIT partners meet in Brussels to review the project’s progress

On 18 February the COPKIT partners met in Brussels to review the results obtained in the first 18 months of the project.

22.04.2020 / #Projects

Learn more about Cybersecurity in Digital Economy from the new video on GUARD

Watch the new video of the GUARD project and learn more about its goals and how the business processes in the digital economy could be more secured....

20.04.2020 / #Projects

COVID-19 on Migrants in Greece, Bulgaria and in the Republic of North Macedonia

The COVID-19 outbreak has not only reached most of the countries in the world, but has also crucial impacts on the problematic situation of refugees i...

30.03.2020 / #Projects

E-PROTECT II was successfully virtually kicked off

On the 30th March Law and Internet Foundation as a leading partner has officially launched the EU-funded project E-PROTECT II via virtual kick-off mee...

28.03.2020 / #Projects

COPKIT’s second webinar: A Knowledge Discovery tool to find patterns in darknet advertisements

We are delighted to announce that on 22 April 2020 at 11:00 AM CEST, COPKIT will be having its second public webinar to introduce COPKIT’s Knowledge D...

23.03.2020 / #Projects

COVID-19 does not discriminate; nor should our response

As the world confronts the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Nations Network on Migration salutes the immense efforts to date to combat this crisis and ur...

20.03.2020 / #Projects

Crime as a service: how data has become a commodity for criminals

New technologies in the era of globalization are one of the major socio-economic factors of development.

15.02.2020 / #Projects

Firearms trafficking: a global threat to safety and well-being

The evolution of the economic, technological, political, social and cultural process that increasingly demands communication and interdependence betwe...

14.02.2020 / #Projects

SEYW C4 Training in Larissa, Greece

During 11-13th of February representatives from all project partners (Bulgaria, Estonia, France Greece, Italy, Luxembourg) took part in C4 short-term...

12.02.2020 / #Projects

Help in Creating a Curriculum for Law Enforcement

From mobile phones to court – A complete FORensic investigation chain targeting is a 36-month project aimed at the fight against crime and terrorism.

11.02.2020 / #Projects

Challenges before Public Services in the Field of Integration: The Perspective of Migrants and Refugees

The treatment of migrants and refugees by public service providers in host countries has always been a point of interest for different stakeholders, a...

10.02.2020 / #Projects

DEEP Project was Introduced to the Employment Committee of the Lovetch Regional Development Council

On February 6th the Team of Law and Internet Foundation made a presentation of DEEP Project to the Employment Committee of the Lovetch Regional Develo...

04.02.2020 / #Projects

The MIICT project publishes its Inclusivity Handbook

The MIICT project has officially published its Inclusivity Handbook, consisting of thorough recommendations on how to ensure the inclusivity of Info...

27.01.2020 / #Projects

The Success of EVIDENCE2e-Codex Project was Marked by the ‘Digital Cross-Border Cooperation in Criminal Justice’ Conference

The ‘Digital Cross-Border Cooperation in Criminal Justice’ Conference, which was held in Brussels on the 21-22 of January 2020, brought together 118 p...

21.01.2020 / #Projects

New paper: A need for control? Political trust and public preferences for asylum and refugee policy

Political trust matters for citizens’ policy preferences but existing research has not yet considered whether this effect depends on how policies are...

19.12.2019 / #Projects

Call for papers: Data analytics in security intelligence systems

COPKIT invites you to submit your paper for the “Data analytics in security intelligence systems” special session of the 18th International conference...

18.12.2019 / #Projects

Call for papers: Fuzzy methods in data mining and knowledge discovery

COPKIT invites you to submit your paper for the “Fuzzy Methods In Data Mining And Knowledge Discovery” special session of the 18th International confe...

17.12.2019 / #Projects

SEYW C3 Training in Luxembourg.

During 8-11th of December representatives from all project partners participated in C3 Shorth-Term staff training in Luxembourg.

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