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28.03.2017 / #Projects

CARISMAND Second Stakeholder Assembly

The Second Stakeholder Assembly took place in Rome on 27 and 28 February 2017 with the special support of the Civil Protection of Municipality of Flor...

17.03.2017 / #Projects

EVIDENCE Project impact has been widely recognised on pan-European level

After the successful conclusion of the EVIDENCE project at the end of 2016, the European Commission announced the remarkable contribution of the wide...

13.03.2017 / #Projects

ATSIV Focus Group was successfully conducted

On 7th March 2017 Law and Internet Foundation’s team held an event (focus group) in relation with Advancing the Third Sector through Innovation and Va...

10.03.2017 / #Projects

Euromentor Community Launched in Social Media

Check out and join our Euromentor Community, created and developed by MYNNOVA project.Experience the strength of the mentoring effect!

07.02.2017 / #Projects

CARISMAND Toolkit Progress

On 23 and 24 January 2017 a dedicated group of experts within the CARISMAND project gathered in Rome to implement the project results and knowledge ga...

02.02.2017 / #Projects

Bitcoin-conference in Hannover was held within the MAPPING project

The emerging importance of virtual currencies challenges the law. Protection of means of payment is aligned with traditional currencies and their regu...

19.01.2017 / #Projects

The ATSIV Project was launched on 16th of January 2017

Representatives of all ATSIV partners came together in the middle of January to officially kick-off the implementation of the ATSIV project.

17.12.2016 / #Projects

MYNNOVA Kick-off Meeting in Bucharest, Romania

On 15-16 December 2016, the MYNNOVA project held its Kick-Off Meeting in Bucharest, Romania. During the meeting the partners discussed the project pla...

22.11.2016 / #Projects

CITYCoP Mid-term Conference in Rome, Italy

More than 100 experts have participated in the CITYCoP forum – Smart Solutions for Citizen Safety, which took place on the 14th and 15th November 2016...

02.11.2016 / #Projects

Online Business, Security and Fundamental Human Rights - Enabling Trust on the Internet

The Second General Assembly of the MAPPING Project is held in Prague, Czech Republic, on 31 October – 2 November 2016. The event is entitled „Online b...

27.10.2016 / #Projects

CARISMAND Project Partners Gather in Malta for a Second Steering Committee Meeting

The Second Steering Committee Meeting within the project is being held in Malta on 26 - 27 October 2016.

07.09.2016 / #Projects

CITYCoP Forum – Smart Solutions for Citizen Safety, Rome

This November, CITYCoP organizes its Mid-term Conference: an opportunity to learn and discuss about the community policing application that is being d...

01.08.2016 / #Projects

EVIDENCE Annual Conference: Digital Evidence Trends and Perspectives

The EVIDENCE Final Conference - ‘EVIDENCE Annual Conference: Digital Evidence Trends and Perspectives’, will take place in The Hague on the 29 - 30...

18.07.2016 / #Projects

Second CARISMAND Citizen Summit, Malta

A second CARISMAND Citizen Summit took place on 16 July 2016, a week after the first CARISMAND Citizen Summit in Bucharest, Romania.

11.07.2016 / #Projects

First CARISMAND Citizen Summit, Bucharest

The first Citizen Summit organised by the CARISMAND project was held on 09 July 2016 in Bucharest, Romania.

05.07.2016 / #Projects

EVIDENCE Interim Steering Committee Meeting in Florence, Italy

On 4th and 5th of July, 2016 a two-day Interim Steering Committee Meeting was hosted by the Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques at...

03.06.2016 / #Projects

The 4th MAPPING Newsletter has been published

The fourth edition of the MAPPING Newsletter has been published. You can check it out on MAPPING website.

27.05.2016 / #Projects

CITYCoP Partners Gathered in Salamanca - Steering Committee Meeting

On 24 - 26 May 2016 in Salamanca, Spain, а Steering Committee Meeting on the project CITYCoP was held.

22.04.2016 / #Projects

EVIDENCE Steering Committee Meeting in Florence, Italy

On the 21st and 22nd of April, 2016 a two-day Steering Committee Meeting was hosted by the Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques at...

18.04.2016 / #Projects

MAPPING App Competition Announced Winner

During the CeBIT 2016 exhibition the winner of the MAPPING Privacy via IT Security App Competition was announced. The winning app is named Omnishare....

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