The activities of the Training, Education and Social Entrepreneurship Department include:

  • Development and implementation of various proposals and projects, contributing to social entrepreneurship and its related fields, including help with finding sustainable solutions to problems for different stakeholders, as well as connecting the stakeholders in meaningful and useful mutually beneficial initiatives.
  • In-depth research in the area of technology innovations, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship with the purpose for identifying best practices and opportunities for their application in the national business ecosystem.
  • Developing and expanding the Foundation’s ongoing efforts for popularising social entrepreneurship, as well as mentoring as an important part of business development in Bulgaria and Europe. These efforts include participation in and initiation of various projects, among which is the funded under the framework of the Erasmus+ programme project DiFens which brought a new set of digital skills and know-how to young entrepreneurs. Currently LIF is engaged in the implementation of SEYW project which is aimed at creating synergies between the social entrepreneurship and youth work and to give the opportunity to youth workers to acquire appropriate knowledge on social entrepreneurship. Another one which is currently under implementation is DEEP – a project designed to improve professional success chances of VET students with different backgrounds by developing not only their entrepreneurship skills (or knowledge), but also their digital skills.
  • Communication with key stakeholders regarding current and future needs and common issues of the community, with the outlook of solving the problems and helping the community evolve. This includes foresight into issues and solutions, a proactive approach and consistency in agency and active participation. The ongoing TRAIN project is aimed at encouraging the structured dialogue among young migrants and Europeans and the decision-makers. The EMPLOY project is aimed at young people with fewer opportunities, NEETS, economically disadvantaged people, young migrants. The project will boost empowerment of young people who come from risk environments, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills that will help them achieve their professional endeavours.

  • Commitment to the social responsibility of the Foundation itself, such as the ongoing initiative of collecting plastic bottle caps and donating them for the project of Idea in Action Foundation, as well as other reflections of the Foundation’s corporate social responsibility.
  • Organisation and implementation of corporate trainings. As the Foundation works with internationally recognised top experts in various fields, the organised trainings are of the highest level, with great feedback and a promising future. Choosing and developing the most intriguing and relevant topics, which will bring the most value to our stakeholders, is a priority of the corporate trainings.
  • Upholding and constantly developing the ongoing cooperation between Law and Internet Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as with different academic institutions, universities and high schools in Bulgaria and abroad.