Experts from Law and Internet Foundation participated in the Information Day on Equal Pay, jointly organised by Gender Project for Bulgaria Foundation, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Committee for work with women, children, young people and families and Bulgarian Union of Teachers.

The event was held on 22nd November 2016 at the National Palace of Culture. It presented survey results and expert analysis carried out within the project “ZeroGPG - Gender e-quality: Innovative tool and awareness raising on GPG”, funded by the European Commission.

Recently the activities of Law and Internet Foundation have been focused on transferring knowledge, expertise and best practices for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth with a special focus on achievement of gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls.

The gender pay gap (GPG) is the difference between men’s and women’s pay, based on the average difference in gross hourly earnings of all employees. Despite decades of anti-discrimination laws and changes in the policies of companies and businesses worldwide, women are still not earning as much as men do in the workplace. The GPG is a complex problem calling for multi-level solutions.

Major factors leading to GPG are: discrimination in the workplace, workplace practices and pay systems, undervaluation of women’s work and skills, few women in senior and leadership positions, gender roles and traditions and the need to balance work and family responsibilities.

The zeroGPG project addresses the GPG issue, using a transnational approach with different stakeholder types, such as NGOs, women counseling centers and research institutions that work together to contribute to tackle pay inequalities.

During the Information Day on Equal Pay possible strategies for dealing with the problem were discussed, as well as the new web-based tool for calculation of GPG, developed and launched during the project ZeroGPG.

For more information about the ZeroGPG project, please visit its website.