Raya Tsvetkova and Rosaliya Kasamska, Researchers at Law and Internet Foundation, presented at the International Scientific Conference Industry 4.0.

Information technology, telecommunications and manufacturing are united when the means of production are becoming more independent. It is still impossible to say how it will look smart factories in the future. The scientists from around the world, from all scientific fields are called to seek an answer to the many challenges of "Industry 4.0".

The Second International Conference in Bulgaria "Industry 4.0" was from 13 to 16 December 2017 in the resort "Borovets".

Raya Tsvetkova, Head of Training and Education Department, participated with a presentation of her publication on the topic “What Does Industry 4.0 Mean for Sustainable Development?”. The paper explores the opportunities to sustainable development, introduced by Industry 4.0, giving answers to the question how the new business models will affect sustainable development, and how they will manage to put humanity’s future in the spotlight.

Rosaliya Kasamska, Head of Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility Department, presented her paper “The Role of Project Management for Successful Performance and Sustainable Business Growth”. The publication provides a review of the role of project management for improvement of performance, as well as for establishment and implementation of strategies for sustainable growth. Project management is considered as an effective approach for efficient planning, risk management, provision of informed decision-making about the company resources, monitoring, and measurement of performance results. On the basis of these advantages, the paper also presents practical recommendations for integration of project management at the levels of business strategy, structure, and processes.