On 07.12.2023 at the Attorneys Training Center "Krustyu Tsonchev" an expert round table on the topic "Use of electronic evidence for more effective fight against trafficking of children for sexual exploitation" was held. The round table was attended by law enforcement authorities, judges, lawyers and practitioners in the field. They contributed to a meaningful discussion on the need for an effective and comprehensive response to address the challenges of technologically facilitated child trafficking.

Undoubtedly, the roundtable played a crucial role in providing insight into current practices regarding the use of electronic evidence in the fight against child trafficking in the country, as well as the specific challenges Bulgaria faces in this context. The roundtable laid the groundwork for future endeavours and provided a good opportunity for stakeholders to come together, share experiences and work together towards common goals.

We believe that the new ideas, knowledge and experiences that were exchanged will impact our future strategies and actions to address the challenges and pave the way for more effective efforts to prevent child trafficking in our country.

News about the project can be found at the following link: https://www.netlaw.bg/bg/a/podobryavane-na-vodenoto-v-cifrova-sreda-razsledvane-nakazatelno-presledvane-i-sdebni-procesi-za-razbivane-na-verigite-za-trafik-na-deca-disrupt