The Book “Enhancing the Right to be Present” elaborated within the PRESENT project has been finally published. The monograph is the final output of the PRESENT project, compiling publications of authors both from the partner organisations and external experts.

The publications featured in the book addressvarious topics concerning the right to be present at trial and the presumption of innocence in different Member States. With its 10 publications written by 15 authors with strong scientific interests in the field, including 5 Professors and 3 Associate Professors, the PRESENT monograph provides valuable practical knowledge for the judiciary and the scientific community. Moreover, the book will enhance the respect of procedural rights of the persons suspected or accused of crime in partner countries, thereby helping for the strengthening of the general principles of the criminal procedure.

The team of Law and Internet Foundation who participated in the publication of the book is Prof. George Dimitrov, Denitsa Kozhuharova, Atanas Kirov, Hristina Bogia and Radoslava Makshutova. The contribution of the team members of Law and Internet Foundation brought additional added value to the PRESENT book, drawing the attention to particularly pressing issues – the future use of information and communication technologies within the criminal procedure, public references to guilt by the authorities and the right to be present at trial under the Bulgarian legislation. Overall, the book was presented to a number of judicial practitioners, facilitating its dissemination and the results within the PRESENT project at all. You can download the book for free on the following address:

The project is implemented with the support of the JUSTICE Programme of the European Commission under Grant Agreement № 760482.