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24.06.2014 / #Projects

Final Press Conference under the project „Encouraging the Professional Development of Employees CPDP by Conducting Trainings in Accordance with Their Professional Obligations“

The Commission for Personal Data Protection presented the results of a European project „Encouraging the Professional Development of Employees CPDP by...

16.06.2014 / #Projects

MAPPING at the WSIS+10 High-Level Event

The MAPPING project was introduced to the participants of the international World Summit on the Information Society +10 High-Level Event (WSIS+10), an...

15.06.2014 / #Projects

Network of Experts in Digital Forensics Set in Action

Stakeholder Forum dedicated to policy makers, practitioners, digital forensic consultants, research and academia working in fields related to collecti...

15.06.2014 / #Projects

EVIDENCE is Part of the Security Research Projects Catalogue 2014

EC is updating its Security Research Projects Catalogue for 2014 to include the newest FP7 projects.

15.06.2014 / #Projects

Review of Laws and Other Regulations Governing Ethical and Data Protection Issues Related to the Exchange of Digital Evidence

The laws and procedures regulating the collection, preservation and exchange of electronic evidence by law enforcement agencies are crucial as they de...

15.06.2014 / #Projects

Supply and Demand - The WP7 Beginning

The general purpose of EVIDENCE is to create a road map of guidelines, recommendations, and technical standards, for a common European framework on th...

04.06.2014 / #Projects

MAPPING Growing Interests in Internet Governance

At the end of May 2014 the ICANN Panel on Global Internet Cooperation and Governance Mechanisms released the final report on how to evolve the Interne...

01.06.2014 / #Projects

EVIDENCE Website is Launched

The website of the EVIDENCE project went live on 01 June 2014. The world digital forensics community now has access to a specially designated Stakehol...

23.05.2014 / #Projects

MAPPING Mobilising Internet Stakeholders

Rome, May 21, 2014 – ‘MAPPING’ is an EU-financed project built around a core idea to mobilise a wide spectrum of stakeholders and major actors and get...

21.05.2014 / #Projects

EVIDENCE team members took part in the Extraordinary General Assembly

EVIDENCE team members took part in the Extraordinary General Assembly, held in Rome on 20 - 21 May 2014 - an event organized within the MAPPING projec...

07.05.2014 / #Projects

MAPPING Extraordinary General Assembly

The MAPPING project organizes Extraordinary General Assembly in Rome on May 20 - 21, 2014.

16.04.2014 / #Projects

MAPPING Kick-off meeting in Groningen

The first meeting of the MAPPING project was hosted by the University of Groningen in 18 - 19 March 2014.

28.03.2014 / #Projects

Categorization of Electronic Evidence has started

WP2 ‘Overview and Categorization of Electronic Evidence’ is the first one entitled with the preparation of a deliverable which will be used by all EVI...

25.03.2014 / #Projects

EVIDENCE Kick-off Meeting in Florence, Italy

On 24th and 25th of March 2014 the EVIDENCE project held its Kick-Off Meeting in Florence, Italy.

05.11.2013 / #Projects

What do EU citizens really think about surveillance?

Law and Internet Foundation participates in a research about the views of EU citizens towards the cost, convenience, and success of surveillance in th...

23.10.2013 / #Projects

Law and Internet Foundation participated in projects awarded by the Operational Programme "Administrative Capacity"

Law and Internet Foundation participated in two projects - “Improvement of Administrative Service to Customers by Building on the Central e-Government...

02.06.2013 / #Projects

One month till the beginning of the policy workshop"Privacy Enabled Surveillance?"of the RESPECT project

One month left till the beginning of the first policy workshop"Privacy Enabled Surveillance?"of the RESPECT project.

13.03.2013 / #Projects

First Policy Workshop "Privacy Enabled Surveillance?" of the RESPECT project

On 2-3 July in Ljubljana, Slovenia will be held the first policy workshop "Privacy Enabled Surveillance?" of the RESPECT project.

27.02.2012 / #Projects

The enrollments for participation in the first event under project "Strengthening the Capacity of the Bulgarian Judiciary in the Enforcement of EC Competition Rules” continue

There are still available seat and requests for participation are being accepted for the first training seminar under the project (“Enforcement of EC...

21.02.2012 / #Projects

Law and Internet Foundation project once again awarded in the newspaper Computerworld competition for IT project of year

Law and Internet Foundation's project “Re-engineering of Business Processes, Development of Internal Rules for Document Flow of Electronic and Paper D...

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