On 17.05.2024, in the Supreme Judicial Council building, the experts - Mina Kyurkchieva and Maria Lachova from the "Law and Internet" foundation, took part in the annual meeting of the National Network for International Cooperation in Criminal Matters.

At the meeting, the work done and the challenges encountered by the members of the Network were discussed, ideas and views were shared on the further development of the activities of the members of the NSMMSND and contact units in the European Judicial Network. The LIF experts presented the activities of ongoing DISRUPT and RELEASE projects, as well as results from the recently completed INNOCENT project.

Among those invited to take part were representatives of the Supreme Court of Justice, the Supreme Court of Justice, the Ministry of Justice, the director of the National Criminal Investigation Department - Mrs. Miglena Tacheva, the deputy director of the National Criminal Investigation Department - Mrs. Silvia Dimitrova, the national correspondent in the European Judicial Network - prosecutor Tsvetomir Yosifov and prosecutors members of the National Prosecutor's Network, the national representative of the Republic of Bulgaria at Eurojust - investigator Biserka Stoyanova and the other members of the bureau, prosecutor Ivaylo Iliev and prosecutor Elka Vaklinova, representatives of the ECM Secretariat, Directorate "International Operational Cooperation" - Ministry of the Interior, as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations related to international cooperation in criminal matters.

The meeting was held in a hybrid version via Zoom.